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Huis de Wolf VSC


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International Society for the Study of Time

The 'Time Summit'
Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Lago di Como,  1981

Left to right, standing: John Wheeler (cosmology), John Michon (psychology), Robert Thornton (anthropology), Jacques Merleau-Ponty (philosophy), Manfred Eigen (chemistry), Steven Goldman (history), Jacob Arlow (literature), Jürgen Aschoff (biology), Brian Goodwin (biology), Sir John Eccles (neurophysiology), John Fowles (author), Nathaniel Lawrence (philosophy), Nathan Sivin (sinology);
Left to right; seated
: Frances Haber (history), David Park (physics), Kenneth Denbigh (physics), Julius Fraser (chronosophy, secretary-founder ISST), George Ford (literature, president ISST), Abraham Mendelov (psychiatry), Lewis Rowell (musicology), Thomas Sebeok (linguistics).

Traffic Research Centre VSC, Haren University of Groningen (1978-1993)

The 'Verkeerskundig Studiecentrum' of the University of Groningen was established in 1977. Between 1978 and 1993 it was located in the stately mansion, locally known as  't Huis De Wolf, depicted in this drawing from 1989 by Nico Nanninga.