Non quid sed quando valet

John A. Michon

Facts and Opinions


  • Wat is er mis met de Grijze Eminentie? (2003) vlag NL
    When one is approaching a certain age, one is increasingly running the risk of being called a 'grey eminence' in one's chosen field of activity. In my opinion this is a rather misplaced qualification. For one thing, the original real grey eminence, Father Joseph of Paris, died before reaching the exalted rank of cardinal; when he died he was neither aged nor grey; and most importantly, he was not the sneaky grey shadow in the background for which he is frequently taken. Sneaky yes, but background, certainly not. To put this colourful grey character in perspective, click this title.

  • What is er mis met Rembrandts Molen? [2006] vlag NL
    There is reason to doubt the attribution of the (unsigned) painting 'The Windmill' to Rembrandt. The main reason is that its wings appear to be turning counterclockwise (if looked at frontally). This observation is presented here in Dutch. An updated version in English  -- under the title Rembrandt's fishy Windmill -- will follow soon.

  • Opinion Title
    Text forthcoming.